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About CIB

Fund Ural Educational-Scientific Centre for Innovation Business

The Centre for Innovation Business (CIB) is Russian organization specializing in rendering of educational workshops, consulting, technology transferee services, conferences for scientific and technical sphere and participants of innovation business.

Lines of activity

  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Technology transfer
  • Methodic support
  • Data base creation
  • Information services
  • Organizing of conferences, seminars, exhibitions
  • Marketing researches.

Workshops are carried out regularly, both on a commercial basis, and under the various grants (Know-How Fund and the British Council grant «Innovations and Technology Transfer» (1997-99),‘The Regional Educational Centers ISTC (2000-2003), “Business-Consulting for small enterprises of scientific and technical sphere: needs and opportunities of Ural region”, (Foundation Eurasia, 1998-1999), “The Ural region: Pilot project on expansion of access to investment resources for the small and middle scientific and technical enterprises” (Foundation Eurasia, 2001-2003), workshops for START Program participants (2004-2005), “Regional science & education center for commercialization of technologies” (EU-Russia Cooperation Programme,2005-2006). There is a sufficient resource base for realization these actions in Yekaterinburg & other Ural cities.

Contact us

Fund Ural Educational-Scientific Centre for Innovation Business
Office 716, Ulitsa Mamina-Sibiryaka 85, Yekaterinburg 620219 Russia
Telephone/Fax: +7 343 350 01 90
E-mail: cibfund@cibfund.ru

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Fund Ural Scientific-Educational Centre for Innovation Business (CIB)
Office 716, Mamina-Sibiryaka str., 85, Ekaterinburg 620219 Russia 
Telephone/Fax: +7 (343) 350 01 90
E-mail: cibfund@cibfund.ru

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