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Fund "Centre for Innovation Business" provides next services for innovation enterprises and private persons:

Workshops, trainings

CIB Fund carries out workshops and trainings regularly, both on a commercial basis, and under the various grants. Themes of educational programs: innovation project management, business planning, marketing, IT, effective project presentation, effective business negotiations, logistic, technology transfer, commercialization. More about the CIB Fund educational programs


Themes of consulting: strategic management, marketing (including marketing of innovations), organizational analyze, business planning, human resources management, management accounts and controlling, finance management, production management and logistic. More about consulting in the CIB Fund

Distant Learning

Fund “Centre for Innovation Business” organizes and conducts distant learning on different themes: business planning, innovative marketing, fundraising, business management and others. More about distant learning programmes

Marketing researches

CIB Fund professionals realize target market analyze, competition environment analyze, explore barriers in stage of entering to the market, positioning on market, sales forecast.

Transfer of technology 

  • Fundraising 
  • Search of investors and partners
  • Support on preparing applications for grants and investment
  • Support on preparing applications for «Start» program participation.

Methodical support development

Information services for enterprises 

  • Compiling of catalogs of innovation enterprises, technologies, projects 
  • Publishing news, articles, photo reports about relevant events of innovation business in Russia and Ural region on the CIB Fund site – meetings, workshops, conferences, national and international programs.
  • Data base of innovation technologies of Urals scientists Data base development
  • Forms and Technological profiles development for investors and strategic partners
  • Technological profiles data base development and maintenance
  • Business corresponding
  • Publishing information on particularized mass media.

Conferences, meetings, exhibitions, round tables

CIB Fund carries out national and international conferences, meetings, exhibitions, round tables for innovation firms on themes; innovation project management, technology transfer, commercialization, investment proposal preparing.

The Centre of Innovation Business successfully works in programs of Russian and international organizations and foundations: ISTC, CRDF, EuropeAid, British Counsil, Eurasia, Know-How, The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, Russian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

CIB Fund proves itself as a competent and reliable partner on Russian Federation Government projects.

See the main results of the CIB Fund activity in 2007-08.

Look trough the photo-reports of the CIB Fund workshops and meetings.

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