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Distant Learning

Fund “Centre for Innovation Business” organizes and conducts distant learning on different themes: business planning, innovative marketing, fundraising, business management, effective presentation, business valuation, intellectual property, commercialization, negotiation, project management, strategic management. Methodic supplying and software are approbated on the programs of The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC), Moscow and The Centre for Innovation Business, Ekaterinburg many times.

The following courses are provided: 

All courses consist of three main parts: setup seminar, remote tests and consultations, and attestation session (final seminar). On the setup seminar, tutors and system administrators introduce learners to the course. The trainees are explained the rules and general procedures of working in the distance learning system known as "DOCENT", and are shown all possibilities for use (such as: forum, chat, consultations). A detailed schedule, personal login and password are provided to each person. Time and dates of obligatory meetings with tutors in online regime are arranged.

During the final seminar, all trainees are tested to measure their success in mastering the course material before a course completion certificate is awarded.

Duration of one course is amount 4-6 weeks depending on theme. At the end of the course the Certificate is given.

Benefits of distance learning 

  • It is flexible and allows everybody to select the best time to study to suit his/her own circumstances. It also provides the flexibility to remain in full-time employment.
  • A trainee can study when and where it suits him/her best and there is no need to attend timetabled lectures or tutorials.
  • A trainee can contact an academic tutor as often as he/she likes. Plus he/she can contact the people from a group especially created to assist and advise anytime.


Business Plan Development

The course introduces learners to modern business plan development. It is oriented to building skills in marketing, industrial and financial planning, the integral parts of an effective business plan.

Materials consist of various case studies of investment business planning using a real organization and given tasks, instructions and models of its development. The course contains two parts: theory and practice, with interactive lectures and tests. The course contains many template business plans, detailed instructions and other useful materials for business plan development.

Course content:

Part I – Theory 

  • What is a business plan?
  • Recommended methods
  • Basic issues of business plan development: organization, production, and marketing
  • Investment program and financial analysis

Part II – Practical issues

  • Business plan development
  • Creating a production schedule and investment program
  • Implementing a financial plan
  • Conducting financial analysis.


Marketing of High Technologies

The Marketing of High Technologies course is designed for the distance teaching of basic marketing to scientific and technical employees in the event of implementation of commercial projects.

The program is comprised of seven lessons. Each lesson contains study material, not only in the form of diagrams, tables and texts, but also in the form of recorded lectures and video-fragments. Furthermore, the lessons are supplemented with questions for self-testing.

Course content:

Part 1. Basic Course

  • Section 1. Basic Marketing
  • Section 2. Market Research
  • Section 3. New Product Development and Pricing
  • Section 4.Promoting Goods and Services
  • Section 5. Strategy, Planning and Control
  • Section 6. Marketing of Product and Process Innovations
  • Section 7. Assessment of the Market Attraction of Innovative Technologies

Part 2. Description of the Marketing High Technologies Courseware

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